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Short Update: Studio Didacto

A short update on my preparations for the so called Off The Beaten Track Fablab. Although I need more time to work the details out, the idea is to go back to an older (!) and proven concept of me, which I called Studio Didacto and started when I was employed by Atos Origin.

The core of Studio Didacto is to create (a) space and time for learning and experimenting with new technologies, but in the context of an assignment or a challenge from a real customer. With my former employer Studio Didcato was especially meant for people in between two assignments. Now the idea is to use the same concept for interns or trainees with the starting point (or constraint) of sustainable software development with Ruby.

So I’m planning to introduce a new service called (again) Studio Didacto which is meant for customers to help in prototyping, the first iterations of a software project and/or a transition to Ruby.
At the same time Studio Didacto will also partly sponsor one likewise project but in the context of a Fablab. Such a project will be staffed by interns (and/or other volunteers), but will have a broader scope then only software development and (given the local (and of course global) challenges) will need to contribute to a more sustainable live style. Finally a project in this Studio Didacto/Off The Beaten Track Fablab will always be Open Source (off course)!

I think it will not be easy to get this off the ground, but I feel it has a lot of potential and for me most of my beliefs, ideals and qualities come together in a beautiful way …….