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Almost a Year, Some Observations.

Some observations and reflections:

  • No Dutch Ruby and Rails conference this year. Maybe we need something different like a RailsCamp.
  • The last four projects I took on were all existing legacy Rails applications with big technical problems.
  • A lot of innovation last year with Passenger and within Rails itself, but Git and Cucumber really increased ‘happiness’ in my work.
  • Losing clients is hard, even if the main issue is ‘just’ money, but you have to draw a line at some point.
  • Winning clients is not easy, some of the proposed contracts and NDA’s I’ve seen were plain silly, but again you have to draw a line ….
  • I think I must be twice as old as the average age of Ruby On Rails developers.
  • I’m considering using CouchDB for my last project.
  • My work in the FabLab communtiy has been minimal last year, but that will change!