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We’re specialized in web applications build with Ruby on Rails. We practice agile development techniques in order to deliver prototypes, proof-of-concepts and high quality products. Dovadi was co-organizer of the Ruby and Rails conference in Amsterdam 2007. We share our knowledge through open sourcing our libraries (if possible) and through in-company workshops. Dovadi was an active sponsor of the Dutch Fablab community and initiated Ruby Co-op.

The most recent open source project, an energy monitor Observi with the Ginkgo energy gateway, which was launched in May 2013.


Some of our clients are:

Rijkswaterstaat, Waag Society, Stichting, Bemba Media, Recast BV, Webguru BV, I-Net software BV, International well known NGO, Uformia AS, Caldic Nederland BV, CO2-Management BV, Variant, Medangel and Rompslomp.

Contact information

For information please contact Frank Oxener by phone +31 (0)6 494 16 406 or by email


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